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These lymphatic drainage workouts are basically a detox on a mat...or trampoline. Think of the lymphatic system as a series of pipes that removes toxins and waste from your body. It does the job just fine on its own usually, but we can do certain things to help it move more efficiently.

Lymphatic System

What can you do?

While there’s been a whole lot of conversation around whether or not lymphatic drainage—AKA detoxing your lymphatic system—is totally necessary, that hasn’t stopped people from trying all sorts of things in its pursuits. You can sit in an infrared sauna, use a compression suit (good ones have a specific lymphatic setting), stand on a vibration plate on lymphatic setting, or dry brush your skin. If you’re committed to the cause, these workout moves are said to help, too.

On a Trampoline

Consider this the most fun way ever to help get your lymph system moving. Bounce is more effective than other workouts for lymphatic drainage because of the effects of gravity and your body’s muscle contractions while on the trampoline. You can achieve movements that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to without bouncing, which increases circulation of these lymph fluids. The trampoline absorbs the impact of your movements, it makes it easier on your joints than some other cardio moves that could also help with lymphatic drainage.

Try these three moves:

1. Bounce down: “Bouncing down” is the basis for most moves on the trampoline, and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. “In this movement, the body is in a squat position with heels driving down into the trampoline. Use the core to lift knees into the center while keeping the upper body low. In other words, jump on the trampoline, squeezing your core and gluts while you do it, and think about bouncing down instead of jumping up.

2. Surf twist: Surfs up, lymphatic drainage down. In the same form that you’d use for bouncing down, twist your lower body to the right, then back to the center, then to the left, and repeat, keeping your shoulders squared to the center the entire time

3. High bounce: It’s essentially the opposite of bouncing down, so that you’re pushing your body up and away from the trampoline.


On the Mat

Yoga is an effective practice for lymph drainage because is stimulates all the systems of the body from the nervous system to the respiratory system to the lymphatic system,” Yoga is a full-body workout and healing practice when appropriately utilized for a specific purpose. The poses of yoga complimented by the breath work support the filtration of the body. It can stimulate the removal of waste, water, and toxins.”

1. Legs up the wall: Lying on your back, extend your legs up toward the ceiling, and rest the back of your heels and legs on the wall.

2. Apanasana (wind relieving pose): While laying on you back, hug your knees into your chest while squeezing your inner thighs together and contracting the low abdomen towards the back of the body. If possible, try drawing the forehead towards your knees.

3. Modified sun salutations: “This invites the individual to move at a pace that works for them. The series of lunges and forward folds will help circulation, regulations, and filtration through the linking breath and movement together in this order.” Try this sequence: mountain pose to upward hands pose to standing forward fold to low lunge to downward-facing dog to down dog split to low lunge to standing forward fold to upward hands pose to mountain pose.



You can also get your lymph system moving simply by stretching. In this situation you’ll want to look toward dynamic stretching, which unlike static stretching, will get you moving and help move around lymph. In general, a healthy lymphatic system helps the body heal faster as the vital organs involved in detox are working more efficiently. Stretching helps promote this.

Try these three moves:

1. Hello hammies: Place your foot into a loop or strap. Lift your leg until your thigh is perpendicular to the surface you’re lying on, and gradually extend your leg by contracting your quadriceps—the goal is to lock your knee and fully extend your leg. If you can’t reach the full extension, you may have to lower the angle of your leg from your hip to make things easier. Be sure not to pull the leg into position to avoid irritating the back of your knee.

2. Smooth walker 1: Place the ball of your foot into your loop or strap. To get the pressure off of your back, you may want to bend your other knee and place the foot flat on the surface. Flex your foot by pointing your toes toward your chest, and use the rope for gentle assistance at the end of the movement. After a brief stretch, relax by pointing your foot toward the ceiling, and repeat.

3. Smooth walker 2: Sit with one leg resting straight and flat in front of you, and bend our other knee at a 90 degree angle with your foot flat. Reach down and grab the bottom of that foot with both hands, or if you need to modify, with a loop or strap. Keeping your heel on the surface, flex your foot and bring it up toward your chest, using your hands for assistance..

Another way to get that lymphatic drainage happening? At the spa for a lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic Draining Massage

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